The Last Easy Day Was Yesterday.

I am not sure that the world needs one more blog about Salesforce or programing. But I wanted to approach this blog as a tool for people like me: veterans and career changers. As someone who has gone through the challenges of leaving the military after a 20 year career and inventing a second career in my 40s I wanted to create a blog to share what I learned along that way, and just as importantly -continue to learn.

In 2016 I retired from the Army after 21 years of active duty. I knew I wanted to do something completely different but I was not sure what. Becoming a developer never crossed my mind. That was for geniuses and I didn’t know the difference between HTML and Java. (Not kidding)

Like a lot of Salesforce careers mine began by accident and then acquired purpose as I realized that I enjoyed the work and my skills were in demand. It was a confusing path for me. I remember discovering trailhead and deciding “Awesome, I am going to be a developer. Look how much money they get paid!” But I as I dug into the modules and realized that I had no idea what a class or a method was, never mind this ‘Public Static Void ‘ nonsense. But I made it -eventually. And I wanted to share what worked for me along the way and hopefully the next group can find there way from A to B just a little faster than I did. There is no easy button, but you can do it.

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