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Retired soldier and self-taught Salesforce developer.

Getting Started With SFDX Part II -Triggers

In our second installment we solve a Trailhead module using SFDX source driven development. And also get into some Git fundamentals. We will develop our solution in a scratch org and then deploy it to our DevHub to pass the Trailhead Challenge. I also make a few embarrassing mistakes along the way.


Public Static Void…. I give up

One of the things that frustrated me when I was starting to learn to code was the syntax – or grammar- around creating a method in Apex or Java. I felt like every tutorial sort of blew past it and I was stuck trying to remember and understand what combination of cryptic terms to string together. I have tried to touch on this in other videos. But I don’t think I did a good job. This time all we are going to talk about are those few words that are part of every method in Apex you will ever right.

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Getting Started With SFDX – Part I

I am very excited to share this series. We are going to take on the Trailhead Apex Triggers module. But we will go it with SFDX style development. I think one of the best ways get comfortable with SFDX is to use it in your Trailhead challenges. So will be creating a git and Github repository, doing our development in a scratch org and pushing the code to our dev hub for the Trailhead challenge evaluation.

Apex Loop Structures Part I

While and Do While Loops

I recently had a request for a video on Apex loop structures. Loops are a fundamental part of almost every program. To keep the videos shorter I decided to make one with the While and Do While Loop. Part II will have the For Loop, Enhanced For Loop and the SOQL For Loop.