A few of the things that have helped get from unemployed veteran to salesforce developer.


If you are a veteran or a military spouse this needs be be your first stop. I doesn’t matter if you did 3 years and got out in 1985 or 30 years years and retired yesterday, Vetforce is available to you. This is Salesforce’s program to provide world class free training to veterans that are interested in tech careers. And yes it is free – these courses would normally cost you or your company thousands of dollars. Every company out there talks about being veteran friends but I don’t know anyone that backs it up with real action the way Salesforce does. Register for Vetforce


Trailhead is Salesforce free online training program. You will find modules there for the most junior user to advanned development. Every Salesforce professional that I know spends a lot of time there


David Liu’s SFDC blog and his courses on Pluralsight (worth every penny) are the best source to to learn the fundamentals of the Apex programming language. I don’t know of any other place on the web that truly begins at the Hello World level. Most seem to assume you have a pretty solid background in another Object Oriented language and go from there. Not sure what a String is for or what a for-loop does, what about DML? Then this is the place to learn.

Operation Code

Operation Code is a not a Salesforce specific resource but a great resource for veterans that are interested in tech careers. If you become a Go developer that doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends.